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Meet Jamie, the Creator of miDesc 

Jamie Queeney - A skilled Cabinetmaker, Jamie has worked as a furniture manufacturer and fitter for over 10 years.

He completed his apprenticeship locally and spent part of this time in Dublin Institute of Technology where his skills and craft were highly regarded. Upon completion Jamie worked in Western Australia - namely Perth's Central Business District, where he installed high quality bar and office fit outs.

Jamie also works as a Skills Development & Strength & Conditioning coach with Leinster GAA, where his main focus is on player development .

Jamie has played Senior Inter-County Football for Meath for many years and knows first hand how vital it is to facilitate the best possible environment for the body to achieve optimal performance. 

He is passionate about design and quality craftsmanship.


 So how did miDesc happen?

Having been asked to come up with a solution for a Physiotherapist based in Dublin's Business & Financial Centre, Jamie set to work on designing a Sit-Stand retrofit solution.

The Physiotherapist’s caseload consisted primarily of office-based clients who regularly presented with stiff shoulders, sore necks, niggling lower backs, tight hamstrings and stiff hips. For anyone that spends 8-9 hours a day sitting at a desk, slouched in a chair, hunched over a monitor, this is hardly surprising! 

Meet David, the inspiration behind the creation of miDesc.

Like many of his colleagues, David is a keen triathlete and footballer, who presented with lower back and hip pain, he was struggling to strike a balance between his academic and sporting careers.

A stiff lower back, tight hamstrings, glutes and hip flexors persisted, despite what seemed like an endless cycle of mobility and muscle activation work. The elephant in the room was the fact that he was sitting at a desk all day.

After researching the availability of a standing desk as a means of counteracting this vicious cycle, it proved a costly option that would require moving and replacing existing office furniture as well as changing the existing office layout. In many cases, this just isn't feasible.

Surely there was an alternative? Jamie, with his background in cabinet making, was the obvious man to come up with a prototype.

Fast forward a few weeks, and several coffees later, miDesc was born, albeit in a more rough and ready state than the miDesc you see today. 

Our first prototype proved a resounding success. It worked! With the ability to alternate between sitting and standing at work, David reported an almost immediate reduction in his symptoms, no more stiffness or aching, while mobility, flexibility, general productivity and his quality of training improved. This was the piece of the jigsaw David had been looking for.

The feedback we have received from miDesc users to date has been the same, disbelief at the dramatic benefits of having the option to sit or stand. Given the status quo, many were initially sceptical of the concept of standing, once they tried miDesc, that changed forever. Schools, offices, studios and supermarkets are to name but a few places where you will see miDesc.

Jamie has continued to adapt and change the design over time to arrive at what is now the most versatile, high quality and affordable sit-stand desk on the market. 

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